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Venetian Plaster LiverpoolAre you looking to redecorate a room in your home? You could go the regular route, using wallpaper or paint to get a look that you like. However, you could go the extra mile and use something that makes your home look amazing. Here’s why you should be considering Venetian plaster Liverpool for your next home improvement project.

What Is Venetian Plastering?

Never heard of Venetian Plastering before? You’ve more than likely seen it. It’s very popular in places like casinos, hotels, and other high end buildings. Of course, it’s also popular in homes too. It’s a form of plastering that gives you a marble like finish, without the high price tag.

Venetian plastering has been around for longer than you’d think, too. The Romans were especially found of this technique, but it was the Venetians who perfected it and gave the technique it’s name.

The plaster itself contains marble dust and is lime based. To get the look you’re going for, it needs to be applied in about one to four thin coats, with a specially designed trowel and spatula. Once it’s applied, it will look just like the real thing.

Why Use Venetian Plastering?

Why should you choose Venetian plaster Liverpool for your home? There’s lots of reasons why it’s an excellent way to decorate a room. Here’s a few reasons you should consider:

It’s highly versatile: When it comes to your own personal tastes, Venetian plastering will fit right in. You’ll see that you can have it applied and polished to create a mirror like effect, just as you’d see with real marble. If you want a more stone like finish, you can get that too. Whatever you want from the plaster, you’ll get it. 

Apply it anywhere: Many wall coverings and plasters need special preparation before they’re applied. That’s not so with Venetian plaster Liverpool. It’s so versatile that you can apply it over almost anything. You can put it over wood, bricks, concrete, or stone. You can even apply it over an already painted wall. It’s so easy to put it wherever you need it.

 Looks high end: Once your Venetian plastering has been done, it will look just like the real thing. That will lend your home a gorgeous, high end look that you won’t have to pay so much for. You can have the look you want without breaking the bank.

 A very durable plastering technique: Venetian plastering is popular in bathrooms as its so durable. The plaster is actually breathable, allowing it to be water resistant. No mould or mildew can form, because the plaster dries out quickly. It also features small dents, making it harder to scratch and damage. 

Easy to care for: Wherever you have your Venetian plaster Liverpool applied, it will be easy to care for. Thanks to that water resistant design, you can easily wash it down without damaging the finish. It has a waxed surface, so that shouldn’t be a problem. No more worrying about spills, stains or other marks that happen in the normal life of your home.

Odourless: Finally, one of the best things about Venetian plastering is that it doesn’t give off a scent. That’s good news for you if you hate the smell of new paint, or are looking to avoid an older, lived in smell that you can get with other plastering techniques. Again, this is thanks to the breathable style of the plaster. It can’t hang onto smells, or allow anything to grow in it. As it stays dry, it’ll keep those unwanted smells out.

Book An Expert To Apply Your Venetian Plastering

Take a look online, and there’s plenty of guides showing you how to apply Venetian plastering. However, it’s something that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. To get the best results, you need to talk to an expert. They have the training to apply it well, so you’ll get the most out of your new walls.

Are you convinced that Venetian plaster Liverpool is for you? Then you can call us today to get a quote, and book us in to take care of it. Soon you’ll have a room that looks incredible, for much less than you would expect. We’ll give you the best plastering, at the best price.

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