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A Name You Can Trust

KP Ceilings LTD


We care about the standard of the work that we leave behind, making sure that all of our staff meet the highest professional standards and capabilities. This is great for making sure you can get work that fits the standard that you would have expected.

Varied Services

No matter what service you hire our Liverpool team to deliver, we shall do so in the shortest space of time that we can without making any mistakes or limiting the lasting quality of the work. We make sure the job is handled with quality, regardless of service.

Health & Safety Minded

Also, all of our staff are ready to work to the most significant health and safety standards. We never put our staff – or anyone – at risk when we are at work. This allows you to know you are working with staff who never take risks with your health.

Environmental Expertise

We use the most energy efficient tools and materials to ensure we get the best possible environmental impact from everything we fit. From planning to finalisation, we make sure people who care about the end result – and the planet handle everything.

Innovative Staff

Our team are more than happy to use our initiative and our experience to make calls for the best result. By using the right products and materials, though, we make sure that every project is as close to perfection as it can be from beginning until end.

Proactive Standards

Every project that we take on is given the careful consideration and billing that we feel is essential to crating the lasting results that you need. Every contract is fully ratified, so you don’t need to worry about annoying hidden costs or extras. Everything is priced fairly.

Supportive Staff

We also have a team who work around the clock to ensure we meet your standards when it comes to support. Got a question? Then don’t be afraid to ask us: our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about the service we provide.

Long-Term Experience

With our team, we’ve got over a half-century of expertise working in the Liverpool area and beyond. This lets us deliver on our promise to make sure that every job is handled to the best of our ability, with a lifelong service history guaranteeing results.